The House of Calduros

Calevan's Family

Family of Frostbrook, Frostshadow & Frostwillow


1 - Azarra Windwhisper was killed in the year 16 by a giant, when Calevan was 14 years old.

2 - Frostbrook was abducted by the Scourge and was transformed into Frostgrave, a Death Knight and servant of the Lich King.

3 - Conoriana Sullivan was killed by the Scourge while trying to escape to Dalaran during a scouting mission through Icecrown Citadel.

4 - Munebeam Staroak was killed by a dragon in the Burning Steppes about a year after her marriage to Calevan.

5 - Calevan was officially divorced from Gothique after dying from the blood fever which would eventually transform him into a Blood Elf. Calevan's feelings for Gothique changed dramatically after seeing her reaction to his transformation.