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August 3, 2016


The web site has had a small refresh, I have removed some content that really wasn't being updated. Also there is now a polar bear in the menu which takes you to my web site that covers everything from design to music and so on.

August 3, 2016


Time has just not been on my side. So for now there are no new books planned in the foreseeable future. With my job and doing a lot of other things, there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I'd like to do. But don't worry, there are books waiting to be written and one day I hope to write them when time permits. Stay tuned!


In 2005 I began playing the ever popular game, World of Warcraft. I became so inspired by that game's awe inspiring world, that I wrote a short story called "Two Brothers", which was based on two of my characters in the game: Calevan and Thoninas. A few months later I took that short story and used it as the basis for a larger work which would become the first book in The House of Calduros Chronicles. Since the release of "Calevan & Thoninas" there have been two more books added to the series: "Dark Resurrection" and "Futures Past". The fourth and final book in the series is in the works but I haven't any idea when it will be finished.

On this site you will be able to find out more about the books I have written, as well as have the ability to download tablet versions for iPad or Kindle. There is also a short story section where I will be posting short stories as I have time to write them. Right now there is only one, called "Sisters", which introduces you to the cousins of Calevan & Thoninas: Frostbrook, Frostshadow and Frostwillow.


Kevin F.J. Harris, author

Kevin Harris is a professional graphic artist and lead designer at Omnilert. He is also a composer of classical music.


Book 1 : Calevan & Thoninas

In book one we are introduced to the lead characters of the House of Calduros Chronicles: Calevan & Thoninas. The story takes us to the ancestral home of the Night Elves, where we follow Calevan as he grows up and chooses to become a druid after the tragic loss of his sister. He is recruited by Tesylvynne of the Apostles of Aerthyr and joins an elite group of warriors committed to defending the Alliance from its enemies. Thoninas, Calevan's brother, is growing up without his brother around. He soon becomes bitter about being left to tend to their parents every whim. He secretly joins the Defias Brotherhood, a band of thieves, smugglers and pirates. But when the leader of the Defias threatens to kill Thoninas he turns to his parents for help. Knowing what he must do he chooses the path of a rogue and runs away from home. He eventually meets a druid named Celaic who would become his lifelong friend. Still carrying hatred for his brother, he vows to find Calevan and kill him. Little does he know, as he joins the Apostles of Aerthyr himself, that his brother is a member. But he falls in love with a human rogue named Conoriana and the two fight for their lives as the Horde prepare to unleash war upon the continent of Kalimdor and perhaps the entire world. Join Calevan and Thoninas in the book that starts off the series.

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Book 2 : Dark Resurrection

The House of Calduros Chronicles continues with book two, Dark Resurrection. An ancient prophecy is about to be unveiled. Calevan is dying and nothing can stop the blood fever that is killing him. On the other side of Azeroth the Dark Portal has been opened and legions of demon warriors are coming through. An orc minion with a twisted sense of his importance now begins his quest for power and to rule over all of Azeroth. With his army of demons he hopes to lay waste to the Alliance with the support of the Horde's armies. Far north in the kingdom of Northrend, the Lich King sits upon his frozen throne and awaits the arrival of the one who had been prophesied to be the new Guardian of Azeroth, to have nearly unlimited power. With this Guardian at his side, the Lich King hopes to eliminate all that lives and breathes on Azeroth. Join Calevan and Thoninas in the second of four books in the House of Calduros Chronicles as they set forth upon an incredible mission: to save the world and all they know and love.

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Book 3 : Futures Past

The Horde have taken control of the Caverns of Time as Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, banshee queen of the undead, seeks to gain revenge upon the Lich King for what he did to her so long ago. But to do this she must alter what has happened. Calevan, the new guardian of Azeroth, must do what he can to prevent further tampering with time. Along with the Alliance they resecure the Caverns of Time, but the damage has been done and waves of time spread outward across the face of Azeroth. The past folds into the present, the future folds into the past. The Lich King, lord of the frozen throne and the scourge, is brought back through the interference with what has happened in the past. Now the Lich King vows to use the time disturbances to alter the past and ultimately the future, to rule Azeroth and destroy all those who oppose him. Calevan and Thoninas must repair the damage that has been done to the time streams to save Azeroth. But in doing so they risk losing all they have come to know and love, their beloved wives, their children and their own futures.

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In Sisters you are introduced to the three cousins of Calevan & Thoninas: Frostbrook, Frostshadow and Frostwillow - from their childhood through the tragedies that befall them.

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